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Vegan Raw Taco

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by Stacey Amagrande



6 T                                          TATS Ghost Town Original , Serrano Chili Sauce
1 – 15 oz. can                     Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas), drained
½ cup                                    Raw Cashews
1 ear                                  of corn, Kernels removed
1 small                                  white onion, grated
1 small                                  Yellow Squash, grated
1                                              Juice of Lime



1                                              Jalapeno, minced
1                                              Avocado, diced
1                                              Tomato, diced
3 T                                          Cilantro, finely chopped
1                                              Carrot, peeled and grated


12 to 14                                Cabbage leaves, cut in half lengthwise and tough
stems removed


1)       Place beans and nuts in a Ziploc bag and mash with meat tenderizer or rolling pin to resemble crumbles .

2)      Combine the remaining ‘Filling’ ingredients with the crumble mixture, until well incorporated.

3)      Spoon 2 to 3 T onto cabbage leaf; Top with a teaspoon of each garnish item.   ENJOY!!!

Study: Junk food addiction similar to crack-cocaine

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According to a new study by The Scripps Research Institute in Florida, scientists found making meals of fatty foods may be as addictive as crack-cocaine, causing compulsive eating and obesity.

The three-year study, involving rats, found that over-consumption of high calorie foods can trigger addiction-like responses in the brain. Scientists found decreased levels of a specific brain chemical that allows a feeling of reward in the overweight rats. The low levels of this chemical (dopamine receptor) in the brain is similar to humans addicted to drugs.

Kerri Santoro’s hard work pays off

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APPLE VALLEY • Every Thursday morning for nearly two decades, crowds of residents have visited the High Desert Farmers Market at Victor Valley College looking for fresh fruit or work by a local artist.

Jenny Moore, a Spring Valley Lake mother of three, regularly shops for almonds and flowers. And Athena Gorospe loves the vegetables and shoes.

That market, along with one held Tuesdays in Big Bear, wouldn’t exist without the dogged determination of one woman: Kerri Santoro.

Via Victorville Daily Press

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