Big Bear Farmers Market Vendor Requirements


Big Bear Farmers Market

Retail Vendor Requirements

  1. All potential vendors must have prior approval from the market manager(s), and prior to set-up at the market: Contact us at (760)247-3769,   and website: for the approval process.  Specify Big Bear Market when inquiring.
  2. All retail vendors are required, by state law, to operate with a resale number and are responsible for their own taxes.  To obtain one, contact the Board of Equalization at (951)680-6400 or e-mail: to apply.  If you already have a number, add the business location of the Big Bear Farmers Market, 42900 Big Bear Blvd, City of Big Bear Lake, CA  92315, to the sales location of the form.  This may require a simple phone call to the BOE.
  3. The market’s hours are every Tuesday, 8:30 am until 1:00 ; seasonally.  Vendors are to be set up and vehicles out of the way by 7:00 am. (Unless prior arrangements have been approved by management).  Vendors are to be vacated from premises no later than 2:00 pm or until customers have completely vacated the area.  No vehicle entry while customers are present
  4. PARKING:  vendors are to park in assigned vendor parking at all times. This means if you are on the property selling or helping at the market, everyone must park in the designated vendor parking area during those hours to free up parking for customers! This means OFF the pavement, off the street  and in the dirt field next to the parking lot.
  5. Space sizes and Fees:  Space size is 10’ x 10’ fee is $35 per day.  Additional space (for same vendor) of 10’ x 20’ is $60.  Two space max. is allowed.  Space sharing is prohibited. Space assignment is given by email or phone no later than 5:oo pm Monday before the Tuesday participant starts. Returning vendors:  Please see:  Space Reservation paper
  6. Fees are collected on date of participation. Bring payment of CASH only this will be collected that morning.  At this time, you may decide to pay ahead to hold your space for the following week.  Otherwise, you will need to email or call every week for space assignment.  Prepayment reserves your space for the week ahead  ONLY.        Fees are non-refundable for any reason  
  7. Allowable items may include:
    • Hand-made, homespun, unique gifts, creative ideas, crafty, hard to find………..
    • Collectibles:  items that are numbered, registered, trade-marked, true collectibles (items of real value)
    • Specialty items:  cannot be copied or handmade, not found in stores, invented by participant
    • Eco-friendly:  products that support the ‘green movement’ – products that support a clean planet
    • Health Products:  companies that are Independent Distributors – these are limited to the number allowed
    • Imported goods:  marketplace goodies
    • Antiques & Retro: these must be true antique – Those items that are found from a certain era.
    • Aromatics:  Incense, soaps, lotions, perfumes and oils mixed or made by the seller.

Not Allowable items may include:

NO JUNK!  No yard sale, garage sale, car stuff, tools – no swap meet or dollar store items. No damaged goods

Items that have not been approved by management

No knock offs or any other illegal items or substances

  1. All items are allowed or disallowed at management’s discretion.   ALL ITEMS ARE TO BE PREVIOUSLY APPROVED BY MANAGEMENT BEFORE INTRODUCING IT TO THE MARKET.  (Once approved as a vendor does not mean automatic item approval.)
  2. Each vendor is responsible for their own canopy set-up.  Canopies and entire set-ups are to be securely weighted and tied down AT ALL TIMES!!!!  Cemented hanging coffee cans or any other HANGING APPARATUS are NOT permitted!!  A 40lb sand bag at each corner of  each canopy is MANDATORY.  HDFM and management are not responsible for damaged caused by participants negligence.  Our market insurance does not cover participants’ mishaps.  You must seek your own insurance.
  3. Displays are to be attractive and eye catching.  No merchandise is to be on the ground, unless items are too large to be secure on tables.  Your space to be kept clean and orderly at all times.  Appearance affects the entire market look and its success.  Think in terms of ‘boutique’, classy marketplace. A trash container is to be present in every booth for customers.
  4. Management is not responsible for sales or lack thereof.  Marketing is up to participant and does not stop when market is over.  It is up to each individual to network their business.  However, we do have ideas and suggestions to help you succeed.  Your success is OUR success.  So please feel free to contact us and other vendors for ideas.  Always have flyers and business cards available.  Knowledge of English language and its use is necessary and required to conduct business.

By being present you agree to all rules, laws, regulations and agreements set forth by the Big Bear Farmers’ Market in its entirety.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to know what those rules and regulations are.


BBFM requirements Rev 3 2017

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