Healthy Veggie Lettuce Cups

by Chef Melvin

(per single serving)


  • Asian long bean – 1 TLBS
  • Green onion-1 tsp
  • Red and yellow bell peppers – 1 TLBS
  • Asian yams –grated -2 tsp
  • Sun dried Jujube julienned -1 TLBS
  • Crumbled cotija cheese –as needed
  • Roasted chopped garlic-1pinch
  • Grape seed oil-to barley coat the bottom pan
  • Lettuce cups- cleaned 1 only
  • Lemon thyme vinegar 1TLBS

Directions: first getting all items prepped julienned both bell peppers and jujube. Remove skin from Asian yam. And Long beans will have to be steamed before as part of prep ounce done let cool. Green onion cut into 1/4inch pieces.

When preparing this dish get a sauté pan very hot first were going to start with the yams to bring out the natural sugar in item ounce starting to brown add garlic let the flavors merged together then ad peppers and jujube, peppers and long bean; sauté for about 2 minutes add lemon ving toss and place in lettuce cup garnish with green onion and cotija cheese.