Italian Homemade

Juan Carlos Parrado

Good afternoon, I'm Carlos from Italian HomeMade. I'm an Italian Chef, my heart and my mind are Roman, and that's exactly what I bring to my clients, the true and traditional Italian cuisine, the Flavors of yesteryear of the grandmothers. I want my clients to be able to travel to Italy through my food, I want to introduce them to the Italian gastronomic culture that goes beyond pasta and pizza, my recipes are traditional and authentic using imported Italian products to maintain the high standards of Italian gastronomy . I do this with Love and Passion, and for me the best remuneration is when my clients enjoy my food and I receive their comments, and I see their faces of happiness and acceptance while they live unforgettable experiences in their mouths. Those Images are applause in my heart, which indicate that I am doing things well! "This Is The Taste Of Lasagna That I Hoped To Find For The Rest Of My Life" Were the words of praise from a customer, on my first day in this Victorville market, after having eaten my Lasagna. I speak of Client because from that day, he comes sacredly to enjoy the flavors of Italian HomeMade.