JP’S Barbeque

Martin Jackson

Our Story
Hello, and thank you for being a valued member of the High Desert Farmers Market family. We would love for you to stop by the JP’s Barbecue stand. Family owed and operated by me Martin Jackson (Executive Chef/Operations Manager), my wife Janelle (Sous Chef/Marketing) and my daughter Delilah (Future CEO/Helper).
JP’s started by me barbecuing for family and friends with their reviews, Janelle’s head for organizing and homemade side dishes just like grandma used to make JP’s was born. Janelle was a regular patron of the High Desert Farmers Market before we decided to even have our own stand the fresh produce, kindness, and atmosphere of community is what lead us to start our journey here in an environment we still experience and try to share with every customer we are blessed to feed.
At JP's our heart felt desire is to feed the community 5 star quality home cooked meals using fresh ingredients whether it’s our exotically flavored meats like our red wine marinated beef ribs or citrus mint marinated country pork ribs smothered in 5 different varieties of homemade BBQ sauce and paired with a number of delicious sides like the creamiest cheesiest Mac n cheese or perfectly seasoned tender collard greens.
Also, because we love the community that loves us back we are in the process of building relationships with local education agencies. We’ve pledged 10% of our gross profits to the Victor Valley Unified High School District to help support teachers to buy supplies and materials for their classroom. We are also in the process of reaching out to Victor Valley Community College to show our support to them as well.
So whether you’re a starving college student far from mamas home cooking, or an employee picking up lunch to make your co-workers jealous or even a mom who just doesn’t feel like cooking tonight. We’d love to see you, so stop by JP’s and
“Come let us feed you”

JP's Barbeque