Nadi’s Crepes

Nadia Altamirano

Hello everyone, I am Nadia Altamirano owner of Nadi_Crepes. I just turned 17 and entered my senior year of high school. I am also currently taking classes at Victor Valley College. At 16 years young I became an entrepreneur and began my Crepe business. This business was started by the help of God, my parents, siblings and friends. I was making crepes for the fun of it at home for my friends and family. One day my friends said “you should start a business making crepes”! I took the idea and ran with it. With the help of my parents and siblings we came up with a plan, set goals and deadlines. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but it has paid off. Since attaining my permits Nadi’s Crepes is now able to sell at Farmer’s Markets, fairs, private events and any where else someone may crave a delicious lip smacking Crepe. Since starting my business I have also added Mini Pancakes to the menu, they have been a customer hit! I am working on a few new menu items, so stay tuned!

Crepe covered with strawberries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar
Nadi's Crepes logo on green circle with pink flowers surrounding it