A year ago, 4 sisters, 3 of whom are retired and 2 that live right here in Big Bear, decided to put their heads together and start their own company; Goode Girls Life!
Having been taunted by some serious health issues, and of course covid, they were determined to push thru and get their business rolling!
They invested their time and money into the affordable costume jewelry company...PAPARAZZI!
Paparazzi Jewelry...aka the $5 Bling Habit... allows the Sisters the ability to make some extra FUN money, but it also allows them to give back.
All four Sisters are followers of Christ. They have all been blessed beyond their expectations, and believe it is their mission to give in any way they can and share God's message!
The Sisters donate10% of their monthly earnings to the organization, Project GRL thru Joyce Meyers Ministries. Check out the site...

Rack of earrings
Paparazzi Independent Consultant