Vendor Application

What you will need before populating the application/agreement:

  1. Pertinent documents; (where applicable) Sellers Permit, Environmental Health Permits.
  2. Business Liability Insurance
  3. Pictures of entire set-up (appearance of store/space ) include the MANDATORY Canvas/canopy style SAND filled 40 lbs. each leg.
  4. Menu with pricing.
  5. Certified Producer Certificates.
  6. Employee information (this will be emailed to us separately by printing out your agreement and their signature and picture; this is so we can recognize them) every employee must know and sign acknowledgment of the rules in our venue.
  7. Spaces are 10 by 10; Canopies must fit into the space provided; removable awnings are recommended.

Complete and thorough applications will be quickly approved

NOTE: Please have PDF formatted permits, pictures and personal information ready to upload.

Space Fees: $60 for retail (CASH ONLY); 11% gross sales for food

Please review the Vendor Toolkit before completing the application.