Farmer's Belly - Chef Briggidy

My name is Briggidy! I've been cooking for 25 years and am trained in cuisines from all over the world. If I don't know it, I want to learn it.

I sold my organic food truck and cafe in 2019 right before COVID hit. In those years I was on the Cooking Channel, had a documentary with my food truck and was voted Phenomenal Woman of the Year by Maria Menounos Women's Network. I have cooked for hundreds of celebrities and catered many more special events. Currently, I am focusing my attention on what I love most (next to cooking and my two little girls) and that is helping my community become an equal home for all types of people with free cooking classes, community farm-to-table dinners for charities and saving money for a community garden, food truck and cafe to benefit our locals. I believe showing your children good deeds, morals and hard work through your own actions will encourage them to do good in theirs.

Chef Briggidy standing in front of a Farmers Belly sign and in front of a cooking pot