Frequently Asked Questions

Why is vendor parking away from the venue?

There have been many studies done on the subject of employee customer/parking over the decades. In regards to a retail venue, such as a farmer's market, it is of the utmost importance to allow for turnover parking.

What is turnover parking?  This is where each space represents commerce for the inside stores or in this case an event. Turnover parking means having spaces available for multiple customers throughout the course of business hours of operation. Why is that important? Well doesn't it make sense to have a fresh purse or wallet walk in with the customer with new money as often as possible?

It is equally important to make the customers visit as enjoyable and convenient as possible.  One way to make this happen, is to allow for close parking so they may take their purchased goodies to their vehicles, several trips if possible.  If they are able to make several trips, this means they are actually spending more money at your businesses.  On the contrary, if parking is not convenient, they will not make the effort to stay longer. And, we have observed hundreds of times, customers circling the parking lot and unable to find parking, and leaving!  Most of the time, never to return.  We know this, because they contact us to complain.

Cooperation from vendors seems to be a huge problem in this regard, and it is puzzling as to why?  We go thru great lengths to provide convenient parking for customers, and turnover parking, by providing access to vendor parking as far away as possible, as to welcome our guests to come shop, visit, and leave with a smile.

We also provide access to Handicap Vendor parking where needed, as to allow for Handicap guest parking.

Vendor parking is provided to the best of our ability and the parameters that we are given.  It is the responsibility and the consideration of each vendor to be respectful to other vendors and management on this subject and all of our reasonable rules.  (it is not too much to ask for vendors to take a little walk to ensure success for themselves and the others in our venues)

Why is parking important to a business?

Importance of Parking (Business 101)

The number one rule to business success is location. And the number two rule is “Parking” because both location and parking spell convenience and speed for customers. Having poor or crowded parking makes it difficult for your customers to have a pleasant time with you.

However, a great location with good parking can help drive sales, as no one wants to waste time circling our parking lot.

Aside from the negative effect of parking on businesses, customers will find another company to support them when they can’t find a place to park. (We personally see frustrated and unhappy guests continually leave every week because they cannot find parking)

With this being pointed out, occupying potential turnover parking opportunities with a vendor or helper parked all day in a space, complicates parking for our guests to come and shop.  Let’s do the math: (E.I. each parking space attracts a min. 4 to 8 customers per market day; each guest spends a min. of $100 each visit; this equals to $400 to $800 dollars per space per market day; multiply this by the 30 spaces that vendors are occupying all day (last weeks’ count); equaling a min. of 2400 dollars in missed revenue to YOUR business and $240 to the market; now multiply that times 52 weeks, that’s a staggering $124,800 per year!!!) this means that those 30 stubborn vendors parking where customers could potentially be parking, are costing YOUR businesses to lose revenue