Retail 1st Day Checklist

  • Printed copy of agreement with Rules & Regulations (emailed to you)
  • Have you packed all MANDATORY sand-filled canopy weights at 40 pounds each corner for a total of at least 160 pounds/240lbs for 2 spaces?
  • Pack your set-up. Is your 10x10 canopy in good condition? Are your sandbag weights manufactured for the canopy and at 40 pounds EACH leg? Do you have banners and tablecloths? Shade canopy? Trash can?
  • Do you have CASH payment for space? Retailers are to pay $60 CASH to Information booth no later than 9AM to avoid creating long lines with the foodies at noon.
  • Do you use social media or use business flyers? Make sure to tag us on social media so we can cross share your posts. Make sure when posting on Instagram you tag us @HDFarmersMarket (use this for Big Bear Too), that way we give Shout Outs and repost for you! Please also like us and add us to your profile on Facebook at High Desert Farmers Market (@HighDesertFarmersMarketCA) and @BigBearFarmersMarket so we can repost/re-share your post! Check in on the Market Facebook page weekly. Please refer to the ‘Social Media Handles and pdf HDFM logo for flyers’ in the Vendor Toolkit


  • Please unload quickly and THEN PARK in vendor lot (VENDOR PARKING (HDFM) LOCATED ON DIRT LOT; CORNER OF BEAR VALLEY ONLY) NO LATER 7:30AM.) (BBFM vendor parking is faraway off the side streets.) Please, do not block isles while quickly unloading, in and loading; instead, please pull to the side (parallel).
  • Market closes at NOON- Vendors may drive in ONLY AFTER orange safety barricades have been moved, no sooner than 1:00 pm. You may walk your items out to your vehicle any time after Noon, if you wish. Do not at any time block fire lanes/driveways! DO NOT AT ANY TIME MOVE ORANGE SAFETY BARRICADES OR CONES to gain entrance to the market. Safety Violators will be fined and/or prohibited from returning.
  • Don’t forget to make your reservations for the following week!