Space Reservation Options

*Applies to pre-approved vendors ONLY *

If you do not reserve a space, please wait until 7:30 am for an available space.

Do not set up where you were the last time you attended.

OPTION #1: This keeps your name ON the weekly vendor map

  • Pay Monthly – on the first market day of the month. Won’t need to reserve unless NOT attending
  • Prepaid fee pays the space for that month ONLY – DOES NOT roll over if not occupied

OPTION #2: (week-to-week basis) Your name is removed from vendor map EVERY week

  • Call/Text/Email – NO LATER than MONDAY 8:00 PM (for Victorville VVC location); - NO Later than SUNDAY 8:00 PM (Big Bear Location)
  • Include your FULL name, previous attendance date and the location
  • Management will contact you to assign space numbers


**Both OPTIONS require to be unloaded BY 7:00 AM in assigned space (unless special arrangements have been previously made with management) Please unload your items, PARK, then set up to reduce the amount of time your vehicle is in the market! We will fill any empty space by 7:30 AM with vendors waiting to set up . Vacant spaces reflect poorly on the overall appearance of the marketplace.


Contact the Following Business Information – Not Our Private Numbers

Email for the quickest response please.


Text/Voicemail: 760-247-3769